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5 Reasons Why Birds Make Great Pets

Submitted by Cody on January 31, 2011 – 5:12 pmNo Comment
5 Reasons Why Birds Make Great Pets

So you’ve moved into a new residence that doesn’t allow you to have cats or dogs – if you are an animal lover, you might be really bummed about this.  Luckily, many properties that don’t allow large pets will allow you to have smaller caged animals.  Thus, a bird might be the perfect pet for a person in your situation.  If you’ve never lived with a bird before, your in luck – birds make absolutely fantastic animal companions.  Here are great reasons to make your next pet a feathered one.

  1. Birds are smart – The old habit of calling a foolish individual a “bird brain” should actually be considered a compliment!  Unlike dogs and cats, birds have the ability to learn to mimic human voices.  This means that many types of birds can learn to sing, whistle, and talk.  Your friends will undoubtedly be impressed when your pet bird whistles them a commercial jingle.
  2. Birds are easy to care for – Birds are clean animals that don’t require too much upkeep or maintenance.  As long as you clean your pet’s cage once a week they should be A-OK.  With a bird you’ll never have to worry about changing litter or taking them for daily walks.
  3. Birds are inexpensive to feed – Compared to giant bags of dog and cat food, bird seed is very inexpensive.
  4. Birds have a long lifespan – If you’re the type of person that desires a pet that will lived multiple decades you are in luck.  Some species of birds (like macaws) can live as long as a human can!  When you decide to get a pet bird you are getting a pet that could potentially be with you the rest of your life.
  5. Birds are social creatures – In their natural state, birds are flock animals.  This means that they crave interaction with other living beings.  Thus, your bird will love hanging out and playing with you on a daily basis.

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