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20 Fun and Funky Bunk Beds Your Kids Will Go Nuts For

Submitted by MikeE on May 11, 2010 – 9:00 am22 Comments
20 Fun and Funky Bunk Beds Your Kids Will Go Nuts For

Bunk beds have long been a way for parents to save space in a crowded house. When brothers or sisters need to share a room, parents often opt for bunk beds. Siblings often battle for who gets to sleep in the top bunk, and the rivalries can be fierce. One way to keep your kids happy in a crowded room may be to give them a truly fantastic bunk bed set. These bunk bed designs are so fantastic, your kids won’t even fight about who gets the top bunk, because the whole bed is so darn cool! From the reasonably priced to the preposterously luxurious, these bunk beds are sure to make a lasting impression.

1. The Doc Bed

bed1 300x229 20 Fun and Funky Bunk Beds Your Kids Will Go Nuts For

bed2 300x230 20 Fun and Funky Bunk Beds Your Kids Will Go Nuts For

bed3 300x231 20 Fun and Funky Bunk Beds Your Kids Will Go Nuts For

The “Doc” bed from the UK’s Bonbon Trading company is perfect for kids who share a room that need extra seating for their friends. The only catch is that they will need to keep the bed/sofa neat to make the transition between the two states relatively easy. Available in orange and blue, the Doc convertible bunk bed includes a built-in ladder and roll protection bar for the top bunk. This bunk bed is a good choice for kids that are a little older, perhaps entering their “‘tweens” and looking for a more “grown-up” bed.

2. The Space Shuttle Bunk Bed

spaceship bed

Perfect for kids who idolize astronauts or Captain Kirk, this hand-painted bunk bed is modeled after the space shuttle. There are two seats in the cockpit for play time, as well as upper and lower level twin beds. Available from KidFancies.com, this bunk bed set will set you back over $2,500.

3. Elephant Bunk Bed

elephant bed

Also available from KidFancies.com, this painted elephant bunk bed set is perfect for boys or girls who are constantly tuned in to Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel. The top bunk is accessible by hidden footholds behind the painted side of the bed. This bed retails for over $2,700 online, plus shipping. Unpainted or primer-coated beds are also available at reduced rates, allowing your artistically-minded kids to paint their own bed!

4. Woodland Princess Castle Bed

Wilderness Castle Bunk Bed

If you have $20,000 to spend on your kid’s bedroom furniture, it’s tough to top this Woodland Princess Castle Bunk Bed set from PoshTots.com. The hand-painted bed features woodland creatures along the trim, and creeping vines and flowers all over the front of the piece. The plaque above the lower bunk can be customized with the names of your children. While it’s out of the price-range of most families, a few lucky children will be able to sleep on these dream of a bed.

5. Tropical Surf Shack Bunk Bed

jungle bed

Another luxury bunk bed from PoshTots.com, the Tropical Surf Shack Bunk Bed set is slightly less than the woodland castle bed shown above. Retailing for just under $16,000, the surf shack features palm trees, a rope/wood ladder, and a straw-roofed bungalow on the upper level. This set would be equally at home in a wildlife themed bedroom or in a space devoted to all things beachy.

6. Uffizi Modern Bunk Bed

modern bunk bed

Available in both black/white and white/orange color schemes, this bunk bed set was designed by Jennie Argie and Andrew Thornton. The bed is made from sustainable, renewable materials, and is well-suited to a chic, modern living space. The bed exceeds all safety standards from Consumer Product Safety Commission and American Society for Testing and Materials.

7. AMBER in the SKY

bed9 300x195 20 Fun and Funky Bunk Beds Your Kids Will Go Nuts For

This design is known as AMBER in the SKY, and is manufactured by the German firm of perludi. [sic] The entire bed is made out of a birch wood and fabric composite material that was made specifically for this design. The curves of the design harken back to the heyday of the mod wave of the 1960s, and will please children and adults alike!

8. Windsor Premier Low Loft Tent Bed

If you’ve got a princess on your hands, the best advice we can offer is to accept your servitude and offer her the Windsor Premier Low Loft Tent Bed, available at SimplyBunkBeds.com. For about $1100 your little girl can dream of world domination under a cute lavender or pink ruffly tent. She’ll use the slide to glide down and greet the day, and spend it overseeing her kingdom from the under-bed play area, enclosed and secure from any coup by local plebians or annoying brothers.

9. Shiver Me Timbers Bunk Bed

bed11 300x299 20 Fun and Funky Bunk Beds Your Kids Will Go Nuts For

Have kids that are obsessed with Jack Sparrow or Robert Louis Stevenson? This is the bunk bed of their dreams! The shape of the bunk bed plays a subtle homage to pirate ships from centuries ago, and even includes portholes! Most importantly, this bedroom set meets ASTM Bunk Bed Safety Standards, available at SimplyBunkBeds.com.

10. Doll House Bunk Bed

bed12 300x300 20 Fun and Funky Bunk Beds Your Kids Will Go Nuts For

This bright purple bedding set is sure to catch the eye of any young girl. The set includes a built-in ladder and a whimsical paint job. Your little girls will never complain about having to go to bed again with this bed to look forward to! A bed frame for the bottom bunk is not included.

11. The Sunday Funnies Bed Set

bed13 300x300 20 Fun and Funky Bunk Beds Your Kids Will Go Nuts For

This bunk bed set features a girlish, pastel paint scheme, two beds, a desk area, and a 5-drawer storage chest. Two sisters would be pleased as punch to share this bunk bed set, which is coated in a thick layer of lacquer to help preserve the paint job.

12. 3 Mattress Bunk Bed

bed14 300x265 20 Fun and Funky Bunk Beds Your Kids Will Go Nuts For

Perfect for a little girl’s first slumber party, this standard twin bunk bed features an extra mattress in a trundle bed, as well as numerous storage areas and bookshelves. The trundle bed is a little narrow for full-time sleepers, but it would be ideal for visiting friends or cousins.

13. Cruise-style Bunk Beds

bed15 266x300 20 Fun and Funky Bunk Beds Your Kids Will Go Nuts For

Inspired by the space-saving, streamlined look of beds in cruise ship cabins, these fold-away bunk beds are perfect for a smaller space. While somewhat spartan compared to other bunk beds on the list, the novelty factor is sure to make these beds a bedroom feature that your kids will be eager to show off!

14. Castle with a Slide

bed16 300x272 20 Fun and Funky Bunk Beds Your Kids Will Go Nuts For

Here is another castle-style bunk bed, which differs from the castle shown above in that it has a slide. Perfect for the kids who love to play Knights of the Round Table or Robin Hood, this bunk bed features a bottom bunk that might just be cooler than the top bunk, a rare feat for the average bunk bed. The bottom bunk can become a secret den, while the top bunk is the perfect place for your child to survey their domain.

15. GI Bunk Bed

bed17 300x215 20 Fun and Funky Bunk Beds Your Kids Will Go Nuts For

If you child has a parent serving overseas in the Armed Forces, this bunk bed may be one way to help them feel connected to their absent family. This bunk bed was inspired by the military, and would be great for any kids who love GI Joe or other army games. The slide adds another element of fun to an already-exciting bedroom set.

16. Tent and Slide Bunk Bed

bed18 300x300 20 Fun and Funky Bunk Beds Your Kids Will Go Nuts For

Part castle, part tent, this bunk bed set with built-in slide is a haven for any young boy. Whether your sons are into camping, knights in shining armor, or just in need of a private place to call their own, this bedroom set is an adventure waiting to happen in the imagination of your boys.

17. Winnie the Pooh Bunk Bed

bed19 20 Fun and Funky Bunk Beds Your Kids Will Go Nuts For

If you have sons or daughters who love the stories of Winnie the Pooh and his woodland friends, this bunk bed set would be a wonderful choice. It’s like a small piece of the Hundred Acre Woods has sprung to life! Featuring all your child’s favorite characters from the Pooh stories, this bed is sure to please your kids!

18. Fire Engine Bunk Bed

fire truck bed

Perfect for the kid who loves Dalmatians, firehouses, and everything to do with firefighters, this fire engine bunk bed set is a great fusion of playspace and sleeping area. The front portion of the bed has a drivers and passenger’s seat for your kids to enjoy, as well as two twin bunks. With a bed this cool, your kids might have a hard time falling asleep at night!

19. Curved Bunk Bed

bed21 300x293 20 Fun and Funky Bunk Beds Your Kids Will Go Nuts For

bed22 219x300 20 Fun and Funky Bunk Beds Your Kids Will Go Nuts For

The uniquely curved shape of this bunk bed set practically begs for kids to crawl all over it! Stripped down and creatively shaped, this bunk bed set bridges the gap between avant garde and simple Shaker furniture lines. This set would work equally well for a boy’s room or a girl’s room.

20. Thomas the Tank Engine

thomas the train bed

Boys and girls love watching Thomas the Tank Engine’s adventures on television, and reading books that also feature this timeless character. If your kids both love Thomas, this bunk bed may be a great choice for their bedroom. Featuring a cattle guard across the front and a smoke stack, this custom-built bed will set you back over $2,500, but will provide your kids with hours of entertainment.


  • Sandi says:

    Hi-I’m wondering where the fire truck bunk bed is sold? Or woodworking plans to make it? Thanks!

  • Nate says:

    The fire truck bunk bed was available at Home Depot for a time, but is currently out of stock. You might contact them directly.

  • Mondo Print says:

    Wow. Makes me wish I was a little kid again.

  • Stephen says:

    Looking for the Cruise style bunks for a themed steamboat hotel in Lancaster Pa. Can you tell me who makes them?

  • wesley says:

    Well actually, number 01 & 13 are pretty handy. If I have a party those would be excellent for some sleep over guests..
    About the others, I wouldnt mind having one right now, I don’t care that I’m 24 year old, they are awesome!

  • CNB says:

    Look for the cruise-style bunks (Lollipop bunk bed system) on this site:

  • mary says:

    #4,5,10,11 are the only good ones

  • Judy says:

    They look great but unless you are skinny, in fantastic shape and are able to perform contortionist moves, you can’t change the sheets or make the bed. You can’t use blankets or spreads because you can’t get to them to straighten them out.

  • DAWN M. COOK says:


  • Brittany says:

    I love bunk beds.. im 21 now and me and my roomie have one, these are just simply amazing.. for those of your who wish they were a kid again- Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.

  • AniSsina says:

    I want the Doc Bed or the Cruise-style Bunk Beds!!!

  • Aryn says:

    I am a kid, and those look soooo aweosme! Wish I had one!

  • Weirdo says:

    I was wondering where to get the doc bed and how much it would cost.

  • claire says:

    $20,000 for a bed that looks like a castle ? you’ve got to be kidding ??? thats almost as much as i paid for my first house ! ridiculous ! even if i had that kind of money.. i wouldnt pay that much…!

  • Stacie says:

    I think 1, 6, and 13 would be the coolest bunk beds to have. Number 1 really caught me off guard in couch form before seeing up in bunk mode. Very cool beds, all of them!

  • David Jones says:

    WOW! I had no idea. I have two girls in a two bedroom apartment and I’ve been looking for a perfect bunk bed. Hell I want a bunk bed for myself after seeing this. LOL

  • mtc says:

    forget the kids, i want one for me. LOL.

  • Debra says:

    Where can I find the curved bunk bed? I love it!

  • Sam says:

    Where do you get the doc bed and how much is it??

  • Robyn says:

    Hi, just wondering how much the girls bed is – the one that looks like a little house with the shelf to the side. Thanks so much.


  • Rebecca says:

    Hi I love the curved bunk beds. Can you get these in NZ or where is the closest and how much???

    Long shot I know but my boys wld love then and grow with them…


  • roclafamilia says:

    Helpful blog, bookmarked the website with hopes to read more!

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