4 Tips for Childhood Fitness
January 21, 2011 – 2:22 pm | No Comment

As an adult, it’s easy to understand and recognize the importance of proper diet and exercise.  Unfortunately, it’s much more difficult for a child to understand the consequences of letting their bodies become overweight and …

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5 Tips for Brain Health
January 23, 2011 – 4:05 pm | No Comment

5 Tips for Brain Health

Lots of people don’t think about it, but certain care and attention needs to be paid to perhaps the most important part of your body: your brain!  Even though you can’t touch it or see it, there are certain things you can do every day to help ensure your brain stays healthy.  Brain health becomes more and more important the older and older you get.  To help slow down the inevitable cognitive decline that comes with old age, follow these tips to help keep your brain in shape.

  1. Eat brain healthy foods – One of the best things for your brain are substances known as omega 3 fatty acids.  Certain types of seafood (IE – salmon) are absolutely loaded with omega 3 fatty acids.  Additionally, try to consume foods that have high levles of antioxidants (IE – certain fruits and vegetables).
  2. Keep your brain active – No matter what stage of life you are in, it is absolutely essential that you keep your brain active on a regular basis.  You don’t have to do algebra or anything crazy like that – try reading a book, doing a crossword puzzle, or writing a letter to a friend.  All of these activities will help keep your brain in shape!
  3. Exercise regularly – Is there any part of your body that doesn’t benefit from regular exercise?  Exercising helps to foster healthy circulation, which in turn helps to keep your brain healthy.
  4. Have a social life – Don’t ever let yourself become the type of person that stays home by yourself every single night!  Find friends and plan regular outings and activities.  Staying social will help stimulate parts of your brain that may otherwise go unused.
  5. Ditch the bad habits – Excessive drinking or cigarette smoking can have serious negative side effects for the healthy life of your brain.
4 Tips for Avoiding Back Pain and Injury
January 22, 2011 – 3:10 pm | No Comment
4 Tips for Avoiding Back Pain and Injury

Only individuals who have ever had to deal with excruciating back pain truly know how bad it can be.  A bad back can make even the simplest of tasks absolutely one hundred percent completely miserable.  This …

4 Tips for Green Exercise
January 20, 2011 – 1:08 pm | No Comment
4 Tips for Green Exercise

It’s already a widely accepted fact a normal exercise routine should be an important part of every individuals life.  It’s also already widely accepted that being friendly to the environment (also known as being “green”) …

3 Activities to Relieve Stress
January 19, 2011 – 11:49 am | No Comment
3 Activities to Relieve Stress

Making sure you don’t ever become overly tense or stressed out is an important part of maintaining good health.  Luckily, there are many activities you can engage yourself in to help reduce your stress levels.  …

4 Reasons to Eat More Fish
January 18, 2011 – 10:12 am | No Comment
4 Reasons to Eat More Fish

No matter how healthy of a diet you are trying to consume, every once in a while the desire for meat will consume you and you will absolutely have to indulge in a protein filled …

4 Stress Reducing Ways to Start Your Day
January 17, 2011 – 12:50 pm | No Comment
4 Stress Reducing Ways to Start Your Day

It’s  a basic fact of life that how you feel during your morning routine can more or less shape how you are going to feel for the rest of the idea.  This means that you …