How To Stay Safe On Social Media

The emergence of social media has been like a two edged sword; it has helped transform lives for some and made their lives better, while for others, it has cost them dearly, some even having to pay with their dear lives. Many have been conned online in scams and other dubious deals, others have met strangers on dating sites, went for dates and ended getting raped, or even murdered. Clearly, one should be very careful when dealing with social media.

I have compiled a list some basic things you should always do, so as to ensure that you’re safe when online;
1. Your password is secret; your password to social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook etc, should be secret. Never share it with a friend or workmate, otherwise these are the same people who’ll later access your account and post nude or vulgar photos and content, or even read your emails and chats.
2. Friend requests; while some get excited to see that they have 1000 plus friends on social media, never rush to accept friend requests from just anyone. Always vet your friends carefully, and befriend only people you have found to be decent, and who can help advance your interests, career, or ideas.
3. Your friend’s friends; before accepting a friend request, take a minute to see the friends of whoever just sent you a friend request. If something doesn’t add up, just ignore them.
4. Always sign-out; when using computers at the work place or inside a cybercafé, always sign out of your Social Media accounts.
5. Never meet strangers alone; no matter how long you have chatted with a friend online and trusted them, never meet a stranger for the first time alone. Always inform a loved one or a friend about whomever you’re meeting, and if possible, request hem to accompany you.
Staying safe on social media is not hard; most people get in trouble when they ignore some of these basic rules.


Watch the short video below for some more tips!